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David Wendl-Berry


David Wendl-Berry trained as a wilderness guide at the School of Lost Borders in California, under the guidance of Steven Foster and Meredith Little – pioneers who first brought the Vision Quest into Western culture. David is the preeminent Vision Quest guide in the UK and has been taking people through this process for 20 years. He is a trained Rites Of Passage Guide and Counsellor and works with many different techniques including Reiki, animal visualisation therapy and eco-psychology. Over the last 15 years his work as a Vision Quest guide has brought a deep connection to the power of the land in Snowdonia, which gives David immense insight and connection to his participants’ journeys.

He has led all types of people through the Vision Quest, from teenage street kids to drug addicts, successful business men and women, people who have been diagnosed HIV and AIDS and even a wonderful lady in her 70s!

Before becoming a wilderness guide David was a high-flier in the media industry and led the archetypal life of western success and excess. Despite his apparently enviable lifestyle, he was aware of a nagging dissatisfaction; a hole that was being filled with material goods and indulgent activities. After exploring various spiritual paths from meditation to martial arts and even therapy, without finding what he was looking for, he bumped into an old friend who was attending a talk by Sun Bear, a Native American Medicine Man. David went along and from that moment, he knew his life had changed forever. He had found what was missing – a connection to the land, to the whole of nature.

Soon after meeting Sun Bear, he quit his job and found himself on a plane to Washington State, about to join an apprentice screening program and do his first Vision Quest. That led to 2 years of travelling the Americas, learning from Medicine Men and Women of many different tribes before he came to the School for Lost Borders in Eastern California.

Now, as well as guiding people through the Vision Quest, David also trains others to become guides themselves.

“There is nothing more beautiful, more moving and more touching, than the look in questers’ eyes when they return.”

Steven Foster

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